Understanding the feeling of our patient when visiting the dental office for any purpose, we try from the moment you pull into the parking lot to the time you stop by the front desk to schedule your next appointment to make your visit a pleasant experience as much as we can.
Our location within one of the best areas of Southern Orange County, convenient free parking welcoming, pleasant front office, respectful staff will help to make your first visit easy and the doctor's staff will be ready to answer all your questions explaining the finest details of the visit.
Dr. Batniji and all the staff look forward to meeting you and serving your dental needs professionally and with the most sincere honesty.



Dr. Batniji at Laguna Heights Dental office has been providing his services for the community of Laguna Niguel for the last twenty three years. He graduated at the Dental School with Honor Degree and was a faculty at the Dental School of Alexandria University.

Our office is rated on top of the Dental Offices in Laguna Niguel.